Bringing the world’s media to the most advanced blockchain for streaming

AIOZ Stream is reimagining streaming from the ground up with a blockchain that integrates content distribution and tokenomics built for media.

peer-to-peer streaming

for the future of content delivery

Internet traffic is growing at a tremendous pace. By 2022 the amount of internet data will have nearly doubled from where it is today, putting a costly strain on current solutions.

Internet traffic will nearly double by 2022

Cisco VNI™ Forecast, February 2019

Peer-to-peer content delivery offers a solution to data asymmetry, and using blockchain to achieve this has numerous benefits to both cost and consumption.

AIOZ Stream uses a worldwide network of nodes to leverage peer-to-peer neighborhood bandwidth, creating an infinitely scalable content delivery solution at a fraction of the cost of a legacy CDN.

Think global,
stream local

The peer-to-peer network of Stream nodes ingests content, splits it into segments and handles all the transcoding, storage and delivery, ensuring your content is optimized both for network speed and geography. It’s a global network with local impact.

To achieve this, Stream uses a high throughput consensus protocol and patent pending AI technologies which reduce network latency. This allows Stream to automatically process micropayments for network tasks at scale.

content delivery with an integrated payment system

Fig. 1

The AIOZ Stream protocol handles the media transcoding, storage, delivery and payment from content creator to viewer. In the AVOD example below, tokens are paid to the content creator and nodes which deliver content to viewers.

Stream is a peer-to-peer CDN, but since it’s built on blockchain payments are native to the system, eliminating the need for third party payment processing. This also means that payments are immediate and secured by cryptographic verification.

Node operators are compensated for their computing resources which are paid for by content partners using a premium SVOD model or through an advertising based AVOD model.

How it works: Advertising (AVOD) ModelAdvertisers pay tokens to content creatorsContent creators pay tokens to nodes and supply contentNodes transcode, store and deliver media to viewers

GET STARTED with Stream as easy as 1-2-3

I am a
1. Upload Content

Upload your content to the AIOZ Stream platform and benefit from an efficient, infinitelty scalable content delivery network.

2. Pay Nodes

Nodes power the network, handling all transcoding, storage and delivery tasks. Nodes are compensated with AIOZ tokens.

3. Share Content

Your content is now stored and delivered automatically by the AIOZ Stream protocol.

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